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Life: Book Four

I’m on Book Four of my life journey. Book One covered birth till marriage. It lasted about twenty years and was full of parental-led character-building moments. It was a time of firsts, failures, and a learning curve of galactic proportions. Book Two was marriage and raising a family, forming a ministry, and kind of having a career.This one lasted Forty-two years (my favorite so far). I was Soccer Mom extraordinaire. Boy. I wish this one were on a loop.

Book Three was the most difficult and heart wrenching, the illness and death of my husband. While, it is the shortest book of my journey thus far, it has been the most difficult, challenging and life sucking of them all. It has also been the most glorious in a rip-your-heart-out-completely-surrender-your-will-trust-God-live-on-your-knees-Holy-Ground kind of journey. It has lasted six year and a half years, however, this book keeps eluding its own ending. Too many epilogs keep appearing written solely by another hand. So, while this book is trying to figure out its ending, I’ve done what many writers do, I’ve started working on the next book. Mind you, it is only in draft form, but I’m itching to get started.

Book Four is now. I’ve survived the devastation of Book Three and have emerged, what? Stronger? Wiser? Thinner? All I can say is there’s more to my story. God has more to say and I think He wants me to pay better attention. I already know the main characters and hopefully so do you. But if you don’t, stick with me, you might like us. First, there’s me, constantly stumbling and bumbling my way through this ropes course of life. I will be aided by the memory and life lessons of LuLu, my pink bike, who in her hey day was Yoda to my Skywalker. She’s retired now, but my sidekick Atticus, the tenderhearted, but doesn’t-quite-know-where-he-is labradoodle is back. We are joined by newbie Neuman, the spiffy blue bike who joined us last spring and is ready to kick my butt where LuLu left off. Book Four also has a brand-spanking new character I have high hopes for. Meet Gerp, my traveling writing room.

Gerp? What the…? I’ll explain later. Think camper trailer meets sassy grandma who wants to get on with her life. It’s going to be, well, something. I’d love for you to join us.



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