June 30, 2020




Finally! I’m back in my Traveling Writing Room. It’s been a long winter. So, as we speak, I’m sitting in a campground, not too far from home. I always like to keep my first trip of the season close by just in case I need to send o...

June 9, 2020

June 9

June 9, 1927 - My mom was born on this day. Today, she would have       

                       been 93 years old.

June 9, 1970-  I met my future husband on this day. He was 18


June 2, 2020


I didn’t post an entry last week. I have no good excuse except, I had no gumption. This pandemic and the longer it drags out and changes our world, the more it messes with our psyche. It has tried its best to peck away at the best part of ourselves. On an...

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