October 31, 2018


Last week as the TWR and I hid away writing, I also got a lot of thinking and praying done. One of the things I was reflecting on during those days was about following nudges. Do you know what nudges are? Let me give you a primer. It’s when you’re walking dow...

October 10, 2018


 As many of you know my husband, Gary Marlin Cleveland, died five years ago on October 9. Our wedding anniversary is on October 23. October is a hard month for me. I have spent the last five years in mourning, and I haven’t fought it. I think mourning is...

October 5, 2018


This week I got a little bit of my Star Trek mojo on. (I’m speaking of the first Star Trek, the one where Captain Kirk still looked dapper in his tight, shiny guru outfit and Mr. Spock looked like an older version of Eddie Munster.) Do you remember what the...

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